How about dancing with your “Prince Charming” on a cloud or slow dancing in the snow fall? What about making an entrance to your party surrounded by flames or sparks? If you are looking to really add the “WOW” factor to your event, we can help!

How do we create a cloud around your feet? This effect is created with Dry Ice. Our technician will be on site with the skills and equipment to create this effect at the precise moment.

How do we make it snow? We safely mount a machine overhead that creates realistic artificial snow. When managed properly it will not collect on the floor or leave a sticky residue. It’s not wet or cold so it won’t mess up the bride’s hair (which is VERY important). Now a simple press of a button and you create your wintry magical moment.

How can we have a spark effect indoors? Unlike traditional fireworks, cold spark fountains are safe to use indoors. The spark is not hot but the look is SIZZLING!

How can we get everyone’s attention? Woosh!!! From a controller produce flames up to 9 feet. Flame fountains are a great way to draw everyone’s eyes toward any feature, entry, or exhibit. A trained technician should always be on-site to ensure a safe, fun, and exciting atmosphere for your guests.

We would love to create one of these special effects at your next event. And check out these photos of our special effects in action.