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Ambient Media of Columbia, SC offers professional event services in Lighting, Audio, Video, and Staging for weddings, political, corporate events, seminars, trade shows, concerts, theater productions, sports events, fashion shows and more!



Your event may include a stage, head table, podium, dance floor, decor & floral elements, or a tent, and they all have visual impact.

We mainly craft that impact with lighting, transforming a plain space into veritable eye candy. Ambient Media provides lighting for any occasion, matching the right equipment to your needs. Decorative lighting is our chosen specialty. We might create a soft and pastel setting straight out of a cherub’s dream, tickle the architecture with thoughtful accents, pop out the retro feel of South Beach, smack the place with a brilliant force like an LA nightclub… or, just put some appropriate light on the stage and podium. Whatever the situation calls for, Ambient Media will tailor the lights and effects to fit your taste and goals… the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.



Ambient Media can bring sound reinforcement to life no matter where, who, how big or small.

What you hear will be clear and perfectly suited to the setting. We can address any audio concern, which may include sound systems for guest speakers and presentations, band setups of any size and variety, live recording, feeding audio to the press ‘house’ sound system, DJ/dance music, outside PA systems, etc. Our experience in audio support is broad and deep, so that your event will be heard by all!



In recent years video has become a phenomenon of personal connections, endless imagination, rich storytelling, and worldwide connectivity.

Ambient Media offers setups for video playback at any kind of event, including wedding receptions, corporate and banquet presentations, etc. We strive to provide the right system for the venue, audience, and budget. Videography and editing are also available through Ambient Media, and we have many resources available to our friends in business.



Some technical needs are not for a one time banquet or party, but instead are permanent system that address aesthetic concerns, receive regular abuse, and stand the test of time.

Our staff has professionally installed AV systems into many churches, banquet halls, theaters, schools, conference rooms, fitness facilities, the list goes on. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table for each installation. Ambient Media will see any project through from A-Z, and might involve design, specification, meticulous craftsmanship, training, support, and more for our clients.


Rigging / Staging

Ambient Media understands the liability of placing lighting decorations, audio/video, and truss support systems overhead, as well as that of good staging and set pieces underfoot.

These things present equal opportunity danger in inexperienced hands, and we discourage leaving it to chance or guesswork. We have many years in safe and proven rigging practices, and only use qualified technicians. It is important to us to maintain a perfect record with no injuries. If you have a project that requires the safe hanging or erection of any object which could cause injury or fatality, please call on us to provide the best solution for getting it done.



Every event, project, and client is different, which provides dynamic challenges we are well-prepared to meet.

We listen carefully and through understanding our client’s vision we can help guide them to the right technical solutions, the right venues, or even other industry vendors when needed. The biggest hurdle for the layperson is often not lack of intelligence or vision, but of understanding the systems involved. We advise clients on special events, permanent A/V installations, and system designs. Our collective and individual experience and ethical approach to business helps us offer honest and pertinent advice. Bring your challenge to the table and allow us to prove the value of our service!

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