November 2018

09/26/2015 Ashlee White Wedding at 701 Whaley

By |2018-11-01T16:57:16+00:00November 1st, 2018|701 Whaley, Chandeliers, Crystal Columns, Fall, Lighting, Monogram projection, Private Functions, Season, Spotlighting, Uplighting, Venue, Weddings|

Ashlee White knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding day... pure romance with elegance and "Old Hollywood" style.  Together with her wedding planner, Brandon Ali (Weddings by Brandon Ali), we designed [...]

August 2018

11/04/2017 – Madeline Ayer – Bradford Hollon Wedding – Meagan Warren Planner – Wavering Place Venue

By |2018-08-09T16:40:42+00:00August 9th, 2018|Audio, Cafe Style String Lighting, Catering, Chandeliers, Creative, Exterior, Fall, Latest Articles, Lighting, Meghan Warren Weddings, Private Functions, Rigging, Season, Southern Way Catering, Tents - Exterior, Uplighting, Venue, Wavering Place Plantation, Wedding Planner, Weddings|

"It's not often that a wedding beautifully masters multiple themes, but when one does, it's especially captivating." ~ Martha Stewart Weddings This quote taken from an excellent article about the [...]

10/22/2016 Cricket Newman Designs Wedding at San Souci Pavilion Sumter SC

By |2018-08-02T15:05:28+00:00August 2nd, 2018|Aberdeen Catery, Audio, Cafe Style String Lighting, Catering, Chandeliers, Cricket Newman Designs, Draping, Fabric swags, Fall, Lighting, Private Functions, Rigging, Rustic Lanterns, San Souci Pavilion, Season, Wedding Planner, Weddings|

Here's an event where we were brought in to provide lighting and effects by Cricket Newman, Owner of Cricket Newman Designs, for the  Wedding Reception held at Sans Souci Pavilion in located in San Souci [...]

July 2018

12/17/2017 – Video – Meagan Warren Weddings – 701 Whaley

By |2018-07-19T19:07:21+00:00July 19th, 2018|701 Whaley, Audio, Cafe Style String Lighting, Chandeliers, Creative, Fall, Meghan Warren Weddings, Southern Way Catering|

Here's an event where we were brought in to provide lighting and effects by Meagan Warren Weddings for the Bride, Elizabeth Filaseta and Groom, Seth Broome Wedding Reception held at 701 Whaley in Columbia, SC. The event [...]

May 2018

09/27/2014 Ashley Nicole Events – Robert Mills House & Gardens

By |2018-05-18T01:42:38+00:00May 17th, 2018|Ashley Nicole Events, Cafe Style String Lighting, Catering, Creative, Dupre Catering & Events, Exterior, Fall, Lamp Posts, Lighting, Rigging, Robert Mills House, Season, Uncategorized, Uplighting, Venue, Walkway Lighting, Wedding Planner, Weddings|

With lush landscaping and ornate gardens set against one of the city’s few National Historic Landmark properties, the grounds of the Robert Mills House provide a picturesque setting for this special event. [...]

09/20/2014 Jimmilib Harrison from Garden Tapestry Events

By |2018-05-10T14:03:45+00:00May 10th, 2018|Catering, Chandeliers, Creative, Drape wall, Draping, Fall, Forest Lake Club, Forest Lake Club, Jimmilib Harrison, Lighting, Pin Spots, Season, Spotlighting, String Light Curtain, String Lighting, Uncategorized, Uplighting, Venue, Walkway Lighting, Weddings|

I don't have many details on this event as it took place almost 4 years ago, but WOW is still the word of the day! Look at the photo gallery of this [...]

10/25/2014 Millstone at Adam’s Pond – Kyndall Temples Wedding Event

By |2018-05-03T15:48:27+00:00May 3rd, 2018|Catering, Creative, Fall, Lighting, Millstone at Adams Pond, Season, Southern Way Catering, Southern Way Catering, String Lighting, Uplighting, Walkway Lighting, Wedding Planner, Weddings|

An estate that dates back to the 1700s, Adam’s Pond provides an enchanting setting for elegant Southern garden weddings and receptions. ~ Wedding Spot ReviewWhen it comes to Southern Charm and the perfect [...]

April 2018

10/11/2014 – Grant – Coleman Wedding

By |2018-04-26T13:32:14+00:00April 26th, 2018|Bourbon Street New Orleans, Cafe Style String Lighting, Creative, Crystal Columns, Decor Elements, Drape wall, Draping, Fabric swags, Fall, Lamp Posts, Lighting, Media, Pin Spots, Rigging, Season, Spotlighting, String Lighting, Theme, Video Projection, Walkway Lighting, Weddings|

10/11/2014: The "BIG EASY" come to Columbia, SC. I personally have never been to New Orleans, but that doesn't mean we can bring New Orleans to Columbia, SC. In this Wedding for [...]

March 2018

10/15/2015 Ashley Pugh – Country Club of Newberry Wedding Reception

By |2018-03-15T13:14:32+00:00March 15th, 2018|Country Club of Newberry, Creative, Decor Elements, Draping, Fabric swags, Fall, Rustic Lanterns, Season, Spotlighting, Uplighting, Weddings|

We were brought in to provide lighting and effects for this Beautifully Rustic Wedding Reception held at the Country Club of Newberry in Newberry, SC. What a wonderful setting to celebrate the [...]

10/24/2015 Meagan Warren Weddings – The Hall at Senate’s End

By |2018-03-07T21:41:34+00:00March 7th, 2018|Cafe Style String Lighting, Catering, Chandeliers, Dupre Catering & Events, Fall, Lighting, Meghan Warren Weddings, Pin Spots, Season, Senates End, Uplighting, Venue, Wedding Planner, Weddings|

We here at Ambient Media of Columbia, SC are fortunate to be called upon by professional Wedding Planners like Meagan Warren Weddings! Here's an event where we were brought in to provide lighting [...]

February 2018

10/23/2015 Southern Way Catering – SC State Museum Jessica Mendoza Wedding & Reception

By |2018-03-07T17:17:32+00:00February 21st, 2018|Catering, Chandeliers, Fall, SC State Museum, Southern Way Catering, Southern Way Catering, Spotlighting, String Lighting, Uncategorized, Uplighting|

TBT: Let's go all the way back to 10/23/2015 for this awesome wedding & reception event for Jessica Mendoza, where we were brought in to provide lighting and effects by Southern Way Catering [...]

10/12/2015 Kendal Turner Vintage Circus Wedding at Palmetto Collegiate Institute

By |2018-03-07T17:17:33+00:00February 1st, 2018|Circus, Creative, Exterior, Fall, Marquee Lighting, Palmetto Collegiate Institue, Paper lanterns, Rigging, String Lighting, Tents - Exterior, Theatre, Truss Tower, Uplighting, Walkway Lighting, Weddings|

"Step right up folks!" This is one of the most unique wedding events we were involved with. The vintage Circus themed wedding was put together by and for the Bride Kendall Turner. The atmosphere was electric [...]

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